Our Story

Barbs Bees was established in 2004 by Barb and her husband Larry on the McKee family farm. They started with a simple goal; to teach their three girls the importance of bees.

From that simple goal, Barbs Bees has blossomed into a thriving local success story. The entire McKee extended family put in the long hours to build shops and hives in exchange for… honey of course!

Barb and her husband still own and operate Barbs Bees and are now members of the Manitoba Cooperative.

Come be part of our story and enjoy local, fresh, farm to table honey made right here at Barbs Bees.

The McKee Farm


Every product is made with love

"Need to say about the nicest creamed [honey] I've had"


"We always enjoy your honey"


"Her honey has always been delicious but I feel this batch just slipped into world-class competition"